Carrie on her way to help Mater Little Miracles

In February, Witches Falls wine club member Carrie Hillyard set her sights on taking on one of the greatest wonders of the world – hiking the Great Wall of China in order to raise funds for Mater Little Miracles. Carrie, who is passionate about the important stillbirth research being undertaken at the Mater wanted to do her part to ensure it continues.

Research is expensive but by joining in Miles for Miracles Queenslanders can make a real contribution to ongoing stillbirth research at Mater. Carrie’s goal was to raise a minimum of $5000 and in some ways this was more daunting to her than hiking the Great Wall itself.

That’s where Witches Falls stepped in.  Carrie approached owner Jon Heslop and asked him to put one of her fundraising tins in the Cellar Door.  Thinking that they could do better than that, Jon and Cellar Door Manager Heidi came up with a plan to donate a percentage of sales from their Autumn Winemakers’ Selection Packs to Carrie’s fundraising efforts.  In total Witches Falls was able to contribute $1350.

‘Witches Falls amazing offer meant more than ‘just’ the money – their active support for the last couple of months has been inspirational, helping me to make greater efforts both in training for the trek and my fundraising’ Carrie said.

To date, Carrie has raised an amazing $8671.25 and is due to depart on her travel adventure this Saturday 28 May.  We wish her all the best and know that she will attack it with the same commitment that she has already given to her fundraising.

Did you know that the rate of stillbirths in Australia hasn’t changed in 20 years?  Your funds will help so please give now and help make little Miracles happen for babies and their families.  You can still donate to Carrie’s fundraising efforts by going to https://milesfor

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